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· Greifswald,HIOH

We are excited to announce that the Leendertz lab will be moving to Greifswald over the next several months! 

Fabian was selected as the founding director of the new Helmholtz Institute for One Health (HIOH) and at the same time will recieve a W3 professorship in One Health at the University of Greifswald (details in German here). This opportunity brings with it many exciting new opportunities, including the chance to scale up projects and infrastructure, develop new collaborations and avenues of research, strengthen our commitment to international partners, and develop new training and outreach platforms. 

We are extremely excited about the move and expect that many opportunities will be posted here in the months to come; please check back regularly if you are interested! In the meanwhile, we really do apologize for being hard to reach and overworked in this time of transition, but excitedly look forward to this new chapter. 

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